Genetic Mainspring: Lucid Dreamscape of the week!

“Genetic Mainspring” is a piece that I have performed many times live in my planetarium concerts. It’s an imagining of how long-chain molecules dance and play to the tick-tock of a clock. Is this how organic molecules dance when we’re not looking?

Another way of perceiving this piece is how I “dance about architecture”. I draw and create these forms in real-time as I navigate the virtual camera about the space I’m creating. The space does not exist until the forms exist, and the forms are created by my movements through space! Space, form, and movement are all components of these creations, which are also temporal, appearing and disappearing to the beat of my music. This is a recording of a live 360 performance realized in my real-time system. I later cranked up the detail level, and scored it with my own music.