My artistic goal is to find my personal art nexus, the crossing point of the art that I like and the art that others like. There’s a world of of things that I like. New art or old, popular or obscure, polished or raw — the personalized collection of art that I’ve fallen for, similar in type to your own personal collection. I don’t expect others to share my passion for all of these things. I make a lot of artwork that is inspired by what I love, but I don’t expect anyone to like most of it either. It’s crude, or weird, or too dark, or maybe just silly. But there are things that I love that I’m willing to bet other people will, too. There are things that people haven’t seen or considered before. I have some amazing ideas I haven’t seen anybody do, and I’d like to share them.

All artists need to find their audience. We need that support during our lifetimes, so we can continue and make our art richer. So I need to find my audience, my community, my market — call it what you will. But it has to be an audience for something I love creating. So I need to find that subset of what I love creating that intersects with what turns on an audience. That’s the nexus.

I’ve launched Lucid Dreamscapes with the explicit mission in mind to find that nexus. My audience is small, and I want it to be bigger so I can accomplish more. I need to find a way to draw people in. I’m working on reaching out to you to bring you in to some of the art I love making. It’s a process of reaching out, getting feedback, and following your response.

So, thanks for reading this. I’m glad I reached you here at the Nexus!