Lucid Dreamscapes

The Fantastic Art of J-Walt

Fulldome Performances

Fulldome theaters provide a shared VR experience. Fist conceived as planetariums, dome theaters are spaces to look outward and discover our place in the universe. Planetariums began converting from analog projectors to digital projectors in the early 2000’s. As “fulldome video” enables any kind of image to be projected in these spaces, planetariums are now becoming more widely known as “fulldome theaters”.

J-Walt was one of the first independent artists working in digital fulldome, and he has pushed the technology beyond any other. He first brought his real-time visual musical odysseys into fulldome theaters in 2007, and he has performed hundreds of times in these theaters around the world, in 2D, 3D, and ultra-high-resolution. More than a fixed movie or a succession of video clips, J-Walt creates all the images and visuals live at the stroke of his pen while he navigates through spaces at the twist of a joystick. Through live performance, J-Walt envisions a “fluid reality” which is never fixed, but which transforms from one state to another. A true expression of digital realities, J-Walt’s art takes audiences on journeys that can never be repeated.