I’m performing in LA under the dome on Friday, May 31. After having performed in New York, Tokyo, China, UK, Germany — it’s been a long time since I’ve performed in a dome in my home town of Los Angeles! Come see me at the Wisdome in Downtown! It’s going to be a fun world-creating experience you won’t forget!

Lucid Dreamscapes is an incredible adventure of sight and sound. Fantastic worlds and magical creations, brought to life with the stroke of a wand. A journey into amazing new worlds. Embracing a fluid reality that slips in and out of existence. Realities that transform and metaphorm. Academy Award winning wizard J-Walt creates art and music which does all that and more. He creates adventures of the mind that he invites you to explore. He has created technology to share his visions with the world. He is the “Movie Director of Dreams” who shapes his dreams into reality, and then lets them go to take on lives of their own.

Have you ever controlled your own dreams? Lucid Dreaming is the act of being aware and taking control of your dream while you are in it. It is a way of tapping into your own power to imagine worlds that are both within you and around you. J-Walt has tapped into his own lucid dreams and presents mind-blowing audiovisual odysseys that have to be seen to be believed!

You are invited to enter J-Walt’s live musical visual experiences. He utilizes the latest in interactive computer graphics techniques to bring paintings to life. The result is an improvised real-time immersive animated movie that unfolds before an audience. This artwork combines of animation, theater, dance, painting, sculpture, music, architecture, and interactive art. It’s a spectacular yet intimate live concert for everyone!

Friday, May 31, 8pm
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