2017/06/13 Fantasy World in 360: “Cosmic Gardening”

jwaltczyk/ June 13, 2017/ Video, Weekly Post

For this week’s 360 video sketch, I’m demonstrating some hand-crafted artisanal fractals! I sculpted, designed, and performed this world in real-time, set to my original music. I’m drawing the trees in the performance while I fly through the world. The trees grow generatively with the duplication of each gestural stroke.

2017/05/30 PaprikaLand

jwaltczyk/ June 1, 2017/ Video, Weekly Post

A panoramic still from my weekly video sketch “PaprikaLand”. It’s a twist on the classic “Pepperland” from “The Yellow Submarine” film.

2017/05/30 Fantasy 360 World: PaprikaLand

jwaltczyk/ May 30, 2017/ Video, Weekly Post

A graphic world for this week’s 360 video sketch. I sculpted, designed, and performed this world in real-time, set to my original music. The graphic inspiration was Pepperland from “The Yellow Submarine”, which still looks fresh 50 years later. The music is my cover of “The Mexican” by the prog-rock band Babe Ruth. The original 1972 track had that groovy guitar

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De Anza College Performances, 2017

jwaltczyk/ May 27, 2017/ Performances

I’ll be creating and celebrating new worlds in the dome of the Fujitsu Planetarium at De Anza College in Cupertino, California. June 3, July 8, October 7, and November 4. Tickets are available here!

2017/05/08 Underwater Fantasy

jwaltczyk/ May 11, 2017/ Video, Weekly Post

Designed and performed in my real-time system. I flew through space while drawing the spirals, then created the world around them, finishing with another flight down the middle.

May and June Performances, Germany and California

jwaltczyk/ May 2, 2017/ Performances

Get immersed in live improvised virtual realities! I’m getting ready to perform at the Jena Fulldome Festival in Jena, Germany on May 18. The following week, I’ll be performing in the newly renovated Planetarium Hamburg on May 23. And in June, I return to De Anza College in Cupertino, California for show in their planetarium on June 3.

2017/04/25 Gardener

jwaltczyk/ April 25, 2017/ Weekly Post

A quick concept of a humongous artifact in an lonely world. Flowers trail from the artifact’s base.

Finding the Nexus

jwaltczyk/ April 24, 2017/ Blog

My artistic goal is to find my personal art nexus, the crossing point of the art that I like and the art that others like. There’s a world of of things that I like. New art or old, popular or obscure, polished or raw — the personalized collection of art that I’ve fallen for, similar in type to your own

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2017/04/24 Strawberry Fields

jwaltczyk/ April 24, 2017/ Video, Weekly Post

My 360 sketch of the week is a field of strawberries with creatures above and below. I had the strawberry stalks before I though to use one of my favorite Beatles songs, “Strawberry Fields Forever”. I quickly made this musical rendition for this movie, which I designed and performed in real-time.

2017/04/17 Dreamscape of the Moth

jwaltczyk/ April 18, 2017/ Video, Weekly Post

My 360 video sketch for the week ending 4/16/2017 (though completed a day later!) Moths congregate in a secret valley under a full moon to share in the escapades of dancing flowers. Designed, performed, and rendered in my real-time system, with my original music.