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2017/12/30 Happy New Year 360

jwaltczyk/ December 30, 2017/ Weekly Post

New Year 2018 Vigil: Lucid Dreamscape of the Week! Happy New Year! I hope your and my 2018 is a time of happiness and enlightenment, that we overcome the darkness and enjoy greater peace and prosperity! This is created and performed in my real-time system. #virtualreality #realtime #vr #dream #city #NYE2018 #happynewyear #happyholidays #dreamscape #fantasy #psychedelic #electronica #luciddreaming  #trippy #spiritualart

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2017/11/09 Fantasy World in 360: City of Dreams

jwaltczyk/ November 9, 2017/ Video, Weekly Post

City of Dreams 360: Lucid Dreamscape of the Week! Real-time creation of a futuristic city! Watch as I create a 3D cityscape and explore the new space. You can see my sparkly cursor moving around draw the futuristic buildings. This is a brief excerpt from a show I perform live. I performed something like this last weekend, though I evolved

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2017/06/27 Fantasy World in 360: “Instant Avatar Adventure”

jwaltczyk/ June 28, 2017/ Video, Weekly Post

For this week’s sketch, I’m using my technique for sketching a human figure and immediately bringing it to life. We join the little fellow on his journey through a world that I continue to create around him. This is just a short introduction to a longer world-building piece, with the sketched figure being the main character exploring the new world.

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