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Easter Egg Parade

jwaltczyk/ April 5, 2018/ Weekly Post

Easter Egg Parade: Lucid Dreamscape of the Week! Happy Spring! Happy Easter! It’s time to enjoy Spring with its color and fertility! Dusting off a concept that I created a few years ago, while I’m learning Unity. The concept, imagery and music are mine, performed in real-time in Unity3D.

2017/11/27 Fantasy World in 360: Harvest Spirits

jwaltczyk/ November 27, 2017/ Video, Weekly Post

Harvest Spirits 360: Lucid Dreamscape of the Week! A herd of Harvest Spirit animals makes its annual pilgrimage through a magical forest, sharing gifts of bounty along the way. I could watch these creatures run for hours… and I have! I created and performed this in my real-time system. I choreographed the movement to my own music, a re-imagining of

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