My fulldome film Visions of a Future will screen at the Vortex Dome in Downtown Los Angeles as part of the DTLA Film Festival. This is a compilation of visions I developed weekly over the better part of a year. They represent fantastic possibilities for futures we might one day create for ourselves.

Friday, October 25, 2019

The line between fantasy and reality is disappearing. More than ever, we have the power to create what we desire. The challenge, then, becomes knowing what we truly want. What do we want? J-Walt presents his own fantasies as visions of a possible future. In his live performances, he creates universes that exist for only a brief instant. He has recorded some of them to share as fleeting visions in this collection of fantastic worlds and creatures. The movie is arranged in three chapters, organized to highlight aspects of world creation. The first chapter, “Season Cycle”, presents seasonal transitions and how we celebrate them. Chapter 2 reveals creatures that J-Walt has drawn and generated. The final chapter is called “Autocosms” — self-contained worlds which have their own internal logic and ecosystem. The scenes are mere windows into alternate realities, expressions of desire that we can achieve if we dare reach.