Bears in Chanwander Valley

Starting August 8th at LACDA, my new Zerynthia exhibit will be installed through August 31.
Open for Art Walk LA, August 8th.
Reception, August 10th.

Zerynthia is an alien world in need of exploration. The first expedition occurred a few years ago. The first event discovered Haxda Trees, Irspyll, and other species yet unnamed. The name “Zerynthia” comes from the species of butterfly that can often be observed there.

When we visit in Zerynthia, we witness new biologies and ecologies. We’re invited to ponder the interactions between the creatures, and to dispel our Earth-based understandings of flora, fauna, and ecosystems.

The process of exploration and discovery continues at each presentation of Zerynthia. Attentive visitors often discover aspects of the world that hadn’t previously been noticed even by the initial explorers. These discoveries prompt new questions, which in turn prompts further exploration. In this way, the presentation of a Zerynthia expedition’s findings is a collaborative process.

Zerynthia Expedition 2 is presented as an intimate immersive 3D installation experience as a series of audiovisual ambient landscape vignettes. Visitors engage via a picture window that opens out into the new world.


Stereoscopic Images from “Zerynthia 2”

Bears in Chanwander Valley
Trixele Bushes
Dragonfly Trees